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Srividya Eashwar

Artistic Director and Choreographer

Srividya Eashwar has always loved the artistic expressions, creativity and discipline associated with the medium of dance. Trained in the Classical Style of Bharatanatyam and Folk Dances of India, she founded Xpressions in 2003 with an idea to promote the beautiful traditions of Indian Folk Dances and to continue these dance traditions by teaching a new generation of dancers. Through her lessons and performances, she has been instrumental in exposing her students and audience to the beautiful world of Indian Folk Dances and help build appreciation and understanding of this cultural tradition.

She is known for her unique and creative choreography that blends tradition with innovation to help connect with the audience. She likes to constantly experiment with the popular and lesser-known folk dances while preserving their original forms. In addition to Folk Dances Srividya also trains her students in Semi-Classical, Bollywood and Fusion Dance Styles to help introduce them to the best of the music and dance styles from India.

Led by Srividya Eashwar, Xpressions dancers have won multiple awards at local dance competitions, supported art through lessons and performances at schools and community events, developed cross-cultural presentations and helped raise funds for many NPO’s. They have been selected to perform at many prestigious platforms like the San Jose Museum of Art, Asian Art Museum at San Francisco etc. Under her direction Xpressions has been selected multiple times (2010, 2013, 2016) to perform at the very prestigious San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival. In the year 2018 Srividya’s idea of presenting a similar festival in San Jose resulted in the very first FolkSi (Silicon Valley Folk Dance Festival) which was co-produced by Xpressions and marked the 15th Anniversary of Xpressions.

Srividya is also one of the first folk dance teacher in the Bay Area to work along with artists of other cultures and create unique dances by collaborating and integrating multiple traditions. Because of this effort her students work with and experience different styles from across the world. She hopes that this effort will not only help artists preserve their own cultural styles but also promote the art to a new generation of students who can continue to work with and present the expressions of their heritage in this beautiful county and beyond.